The Fantastic Adventures of the Modern Commute Episode 7 Canned Sardines and the Wild Adventure into the City of Dreams

It’s been a while since the last one of these for a variety of reasons but today, I sit on a bus destined for reasons other than work. This time a rival company to my usual haunt. So the 6:20am bus pulls up on time and we’re on our way in the wee hours of the morning rush like all you normal people with your 9-5 or 8 am starts. Seems a little more civilized than my usual insane commute, perhaps that’s the bus I usually take and it’s wonderful collection of characters.

As we approach the slaughter house 7 (N7), I cast my mind back to my last little adventure into the city I love so much. I step off the comfort and relative quietness of the train to board the Hell Express into the city centre. The ding ding dings out of this over crowded Thomas the Tank Engines big city cousin. I stand there enjoying the armpits of many a person as I count down the stops until I depart this hate instilled express machine.


The doors open and nobody moves.”Excuse me ” – I exclaim but nobody budges, and getting quite impatient I pretty much admittedly raise my voice and say “MOVE PLEASE” so the rest of us can get off the tram. Still, nobody moves. Blood beginning to boil I inform, let’s call it, the humans in front of me to politely get out of my way by stepping off the tram for a minute to allow people get off this sorry excuse of a mass transit system.


Finally off, the blood pressure slowly drops until our lovely return journey home later that night. So I outlined before how Ireland needs Uber…Well “need” is an understatement. Ireland MUST allow Uber, from my experience of it in use in L.A. A city plagued with similar problems to Dublin, although it’s trying to address that with various metro projects and other mass transit solutions which I will cover in a future post I’m currently working on, but if you want read more about our little adventure to the US West Coast, check out my other half’s post here.


Back across the Atlantic, the Dublin Metro is proposed, a single line to the airport but in the usual fashion the NIMBYS are trying to derail it and the problem of where to put it because Mrs Murphy’s shed might have to be knocked, but you can’t, it’s been in the family since the Civil War and it’s a protected structure which seems to be the theme of everything in Ireland these days.

But anyway, back to the journey home. We had to join the hundreds if not thousands of others trying to hail a cab. Oh dear Jesus, an almost impossible task in this Fair City. Eventually we manage to get into one and off home we go. You see, I’m not a fan of our capital city if you hadn’t figured that out and I mean no disrespect to any of you dear people living there but it’s more of a “How the hell do you put up with the endless traffic chaos, overpriced, overcrowded rage inducing transport system” that some in certain corners think is fine as is…Lads we need a Metro and those swanky new hover bikes the Dubai police department have recently acquired but something tells me Dublin will be the last city on Earth to adopt flying cars as they might spoil the view of our iconic, world renowned, completely unique skyline. Long live the 19th Century…..


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